Marchc 29 & April 4, 2011 - High Museum and Grandmama's

all captions courtesy of Grandma

We always have to take pictures in front of Roy Lichtenstein's house.

Ella loved the bread at The Cheesecake Factory.

Jill told me that Ella now likes to sleep with a blanket and stuffed animal. These are the ones she has had in her crib since she started staying with me - leftovers from the McMahons.

Ella wanted a bite of my olive sandwich, and then ate the rest.

After eating pasta, veggies and yogurt there was still room for banana.

The tea set is in a back pack, which Ella enjoyed wearing.

She discovered a pocket on her pjs that would hold a spoon.

This week she decided that she should put something in her stroller, but instead of a doll she put in balls, a milk bottle and a Santa toy.

For lunch there was pasta with a fork and ...

then fork and hand...

then she gave up and ate it without a fork.

I saved the Easter window clings for Ella to put up.

She likes to look out the picture window.

My cherry tree is in full bloom.

Ella and I walked around the yard; then she decided to rest on the RR tie.

After I squatted down to take a close up of her, she copied me.

Ella found some sweet gum "flowers".

Do they smell?

Ella discovered that she could see the window clings from outside, too.

Later, I brought the tea set into my office and Ella sat on the floor and played while I answered emails.

Your turn to eat, Grandmama.

Then she found the bag of too-small clothes and tried to put them on.

"Does this fit?"

"What do you think, Grandmama?"

She didn't know what to do with the top of a 2-piece bathing put around her neck and tried to tie the straps.

Grandmama had another fun day with Ella.