March 20-21, 2011 - Spring at mom's house

All captions courtesy of my mom.

My Bradford Pear was the prettiest ever this year.

Also more of my daffodils bloomed, so I thought I'd share "spring at my house" with you.

I hope you don't get tired of my sending pics of Ella. She is so cute that I have to try to document things.
We went outside Sunday, and picked some daffodils.

She noticed a small pine cone, picked it up and began taking it apart.

One of my azaleas has a few blooms, which attracted Ella's attention.

Back inside, she gets busy. First she reads in the rocking chair.

Then she talks on the phone, a calculator that must look like Daddy's Blackberry because she "dials" the number before talking.

Ella loves to turn on the oven light,

then she looks to see what's cooking.

The daffodils that we picked on Sunday were in water in the kitchen; Ella wanted to hold them again.

Ella looks cute in her hand-me-down Barbie pjs from the McMahon girls.

Bridget left a bag of 12-month size clothes, which I have not given away yet.
Ella found the bag, went through it and found some clothes, which she insisted that I put on her. I guess all children love to play dress up.

The strollers were her favorite toys this week. She would push a stroller from the den, through the hall, dining room and kitchen, back to the den - over and over. Then switch strollers and push some more. At one point she tried to push both strollers at once.

It was such a beautiful day, so after her nap we went outside and picked more flowers.

Ella thinks they smell good - then it is Grandmama's turn to smell.

One last time with the stroller before it is "bye-bye" and off to meet Mama.