March 19b, 2011 - Atlanta Botanical Gardens with Francis (part 2)

On to the Conservatory...

Teté and Francis marvel at the orchids.

Ella plays in the reflecting pools in the Fuqua Centerl lobby.

Jill and a giggling Ella - I'm telling you, I've been surrounded by gorgeous women for years.

Ella runs through the Latin America room.

Peeping through the trees like a stalker.

The [new] Mulcay family.

More water.

We love the lipstick plants - mostly because theirs are so much bigger than the ones on our sunroom.


Flower break...

Back outside, Jill and Ella pose in front of the daffofils and pears.

Funny statue.

Dunno - looks like a geranium at a Phish concert.

Over to the Children's Garden where Ella finds a friend hiding in the caterpiller.

Careful what you find - they may hug the #@$% out of you!

"Ella, where's his nose?"

"Ella, where are her eyes?"

"Ella, where's his mouth?"

Low bridge!

"Stay... still... picture... going to be... cute..."

Ella climbs on the chicken.
(I didn't think I'd ever write that sentance.)

Francis gives Ella a tulip she found (not picked).

Ella loves it.

OK, it has been a long day. Time to get Ella and the girls home so one can take a nap and the other two can go have fun.
Between the weather and the women ;-) , it was a gorgeous day!