March 19a, 2011 - Atlanta Botanical Gardens with Francis (part 1)

The day starts at The Flying Biscuit (Midtown), as any day at the Botanical Gardens should.

Ella is happy to be here.

My gorgeous girls!

More pretty girls - Teté and her friend, Francis, experience biscuits for the first time.

At the Botanical Gardens, we get a first glimpse of their daffodils.

They're almost as tall as Ella!

The gals stroll on the canopy walk.

Ella found a little seat. Teté joins her.

The Gardens put up a bho for Gaby!

Jill & Ella at the Cascade Gardens.

The old pear tree has pansy balls.

We teach Ella to stop and smell the flowers.

Teté and the tulips.

Francis stops for a picture in front of a field of tulips,

as do Ella

and Teté.

OK, I'm starting to feel creepy now, but she kept posing...

Ella still smelling the flowers.

Els and Jill run around on an open field.

Adorable girl. Adorable dress. Thanks, Teté!

she smells all the flowers.

Ella towers over the frog now...

Francis, Teté, and Jill stop in front of the craziest redbud ever.

Up next: the Conservatory.