March 12, 2011 - Teté's Birthday and Gaby's Farewell Party

Teté and Gaby slave away over their party food.
(Yeah, we're really great hosts, eh?)

Gaby tries out the mole... mmm...

Lolly adores Ella and the new dress Teté gave her.

As I rotate the camera 90 degrees, Ella's head follow it.

The girls chat while Gaby puts the finishing touches on a video.

Uncle Wayne surprises us by stopping in "on his way" from Alabama to North Carolina, so we toast with margagrita y cervezas.

Gaby and Jill are so photogenic.

Chick-fest. Steph and Cara play with Lolly, Gaby, Jill, and Ella.

Kevin, Brooke, Grandma, and Lolly park on the hearth as I call everyone over for present-time.

Mom gives Teté her first UGA shirt.
She'll look great in red & black.

After that is jewlery from Lolly & Pop.
I think she likes that, too!

Gaby's turn next.
The waterworks are already starting.

Lolly & Pop give her a silver necklace.


We give Gaby a slide of a tree that matches her new necklace, since she loves the trees in Georgia.

OK - enough with the presents and tears...
Let's have cake!

Teté ang Gaby blow out the candles.

Gaby takes a picture she she doesn't have to be in it.

Ella, still slightly sideways.

It looks like we caught them doing something.

Lolly and Ella enjoy some quiet time.

A couple of hours and bottles later, Josh gets brought to the mesa de muchachas.

Tequila time!
Gaby, Teté, Francis, Josh, Adriana (who replaces Emma), y Emma.

We had fun tonight.
I certainly hope Teté and Gaby did!