March 3-6, 2011 - Kevin's Bachelor Weekend in Vail (by day)

The Video (11 min)

The room inexpecedly had a drum, mask, and spear. What else was expected to happen?

The first night with everyone together, Mike took us all out to the Game Creek Club, which involves a gondola ride to the top of the mountain, then a snow-limo to the club.

Bitter outside. Toasty inside.
No pictures of the restaurant, but the meal was amazing. Food, wine, more food, more wine.
Thanks, Mike!

Friday night we go out small.
We drink a bit in the room, then head out, all Tiggered-up, for cigars.

We can't even get out of the hotel without pictures. (I'm not sure who the guy is, but the girls are with Cuervo. We hung out with the two on the right later on.)

The Jim Beam girls.

Some random, crazy chick.

No, honey, we're not.

Tiggers can climb, so naturally, they can pole-dance.

Tiggers mingling.

Tiggers kicking butt in foosball.

The beginning of the end - the Ore House (pre-shot-ski).