Feb 26, 2011 - Walking the Forsyth Greenway

Saturday is gorgeous, so we take Ella to the Forsyth Greenway.

Before we really even get started, we all get distracted.
what's everyone looking at?

Oh... frogs!

Ella checks them out.

There's our pretty girl,

sitting on the ledge like a big girl (with irrersponsible parents).

After a few minutes, the frogs are no longer threatened by our presence and continue in full chorus, at full volume.
It is rather loud.

Three frogs. See em all?

Teté puts Ella's barette back in so we can continue.

It really is a pretty day. This is such a great spot when the leaves are in.

Holding hands as we walk across a bridge.

Well, we thought we were going to walk across.
Ella decides to peer over.

Two hawks circle overhead like buzzards, mistaking the 70-degree February day for spring.

The girls enjoy a relaxing chat en Español (which is the relaxing part).

Ella gets restless for a few minutes, so it is my turn to entertain her.
She loves running on my shoulders.

Little girl and long hair, bouncing everywhere.

We try sunglasses for a few minutes, but that doesn't last long.

We had a big day outside.
(Now to go home so mom & dad can have a hot date.)