Feb 25, 2011 - Teté's here!

We get off work early on Friday to go to the airport to pick up Teté.
Ella is already on the look-out.

The girls chat as we wait...

There she is!
Her new friend, Francis (from Ecuador), arrives, too.

I think Teté's glad to be here - or at least glad to be out of cold New York and off the airplane.

Ella doesn't know what to think, yet.

Here they are - Ella and her handlers.

Bags collected, Teté, Jill, and Ella pose.

This year's Mulcay family.
(Gaby will always be family, too!)

Finally home, Teté surprises Ella and us with some gifts.

Ella tears into it (delicately).

Ooo... a dress?


Another dress!

What's this?

...it's an Ella doll (with the blondie hair).
Muchas gracias, Teté!