Feb 5 & 21, 2011 - Strollers, Stairs, and Spinning Chairs at Grandma's

all captions courtesy of Grandma

2/5: Recently Ella has discovered that she can sit in the doll stroller. Bridget gave me her 2 strollers, so Ella sat in one and put the doll in the other.

Then she switched strollers.

2/21: Ella loves pancakes - one of a few things she'll always eat.

When I was putting clothes in the washer, Ella climbed to the top of the back stairs.

I watched her come down - first backward,

then sitting down

and the last few stairs she walked down.

Ella likes the purple rubbery "whatizit". She hadn't played with it in a few weeks, but remembered that you need to hit it on a hard surface to make it light up. She used to hand it to me over and over again when the light went out, but now she does it on her own.

We went to Target for their after-Valentine sale. Ella loved the red monster. I only had to show her once how to push the foot to make it sing and dance.

Ella likes to spin in my office chair.

It was a beautiful day, so we went outside for a while. Ella insisted on taking her milk and didn't stop drinking even when she noticed the daffodil.

Cheese is one of her other favorite foods.

Ella now walks to the refrigerator, and when I open it, she points up to where I keep the cheese on the top shelf of the door and says something that sounds really close to "cheese."