Feb 14-19, 2011 - Misc. Feb.

The day we get back from the Bahamas is beautiful, so we head up to the top of the neighborhood, down a big ole set of stairs (which Ella still loves)

and to the playground.

After-dinner snack on Thursday: self-held bananas.

Ella's [usually] a big fan.

Sometimes she bits off more than she can chew.

Later, we turn into mean parents. We take Ella's cork out and she cries a very cute cry.
So, we do it again - but this time with a camera.


Cry and reach.

Realizing she won't get it back so easily, she stops reaching and cries more.
(By the way, like 2 seconds have elapsed since we pulled the plug.)

Basset hound.

We introduce Ella to Wii.

She doesn't get it, really,

but she likes it.

Now move it...

Good girl!


Ella decides to put it on her wrist for safety.

Bridget visits from Texas.

Ella is apprehensive, but warms up.

Now she loves her aunt Bridget (again).