Feb 13, 2011 - Bahama Cruise - Day 4 (at sea)

Jill, Ella, and I run around the boat before breakfast.

The braids are still in, though she didn't sleep well with them.
When she moved around in the night, you could hear the beads clicking together. When she got close to the edge of the crib, you could hear the beads pinging against the metal bars.
Come to think of it, none of us slept well with Ella's beads in.

They sue are cute, though!

Back in the room, we change for breakfast and play a bit.

She has to know she's cute.

She's tall enough to reach the light switch when she stretches out.

Off down the hall...

Showing Gaby her belly button at the breakfast table.

Oh boy... another stage...

She's happy and entertained, so we let her play here for a while.

Up to the library/game room to play cards for a while,

then back down for lunch, where Everyone jumps in the act of entertaining Ella.

That night, so that Ella (and we) could sleep, we asked Gaby to take Ella's hair out of her braids.
Gaby expertly cut the rubber bands that held the beads that held the braids.

That left a funny looking Ella (that may have had a chance to sleep).

Undoing the actual braids took more time and left a crimped Ella. Totally, to the max!

Now that's volume!

That's it. No more pictures. Tomorrow, we disembark and drive home from Jacksonville.
Good trip - and better - a successful test run of crusing with a toddler.