Feb 12b, 2011 - Bahama Cruise - Day 3 (Nassau & braids)

Taking the ferry back to Nassau.

Ella had such a big day, she needs to re-energize.

Wow... check out the cruise-line-up - a Royal Caribbean, two Carnivals, an MSC, and an NCL.

After some fried conch and tasty beverages, we hit the straw market

and get Ella a basket.

Then, we decide to get Ella's hair braided...

Ella and Raymon bond over a drum.
Check Ella taking Raymon's hand and making him play more.

So sweet.

He's good with her, letting her play with the beads as she gets her hair braided, which takes 35 minutes.

cherie is so gentle with Ella.

Ella and Raymon share a moment.

All done!

So cute!

38 braids...

All changed and off to dinner to show mom and Gaby.

They're so surprised.

By now, Ella knows the routine and heads for her high chair.

Dinner time...

Ella enjoys some late-night(ish) freedom and turns heads everywhere with her braids.