Feb 12a, 2011 - Bahama Cruise - Day 3 (Paradise Island/Atlantis)

Before breakfast, Gaby takes Ella down her favorite stairs.

The ship is escorted into port at Nassau,

across the bay from Paradise Island and Atlantis.

Mom, Bill, and Jill hang out in the atrium as the group gathers for breakfast.

Ella feeds herself at breakfast-

with success!

Docked, cleared, off the boat and looking back at it.

After a short cab ride, we're at Atlantis.

Princess Ella.

We head straight for "The Dig" - Atlantis' "archeological excavation" that uncovers the ruins of their once-great civilization, but is now inhabited by sea life.

Ella runs back and forth in front of the glass, tracking the fish.

The Dig is laid out like a labyrinth. Very impressive!

She doesn't like the jellyfish,

but she does like the colorful fish.

Looking up at Altantis (the modern resort) from under the aquarium water.

Family photo time.

Wouldn't you like to stay there?

Sea turtles!


Ella looks like such a big girl relaxing with Gaby.

Photo op #2.

Bill & Carey at the hotel at a distance.

Ella's a bit unsure about the rope bridge, but she'll go anywhere with Gaby.

The beach is narrow, but the water is gorgeous.

Green turtles.

Jill's loving this part.

Besos, besos.