Feb 11pm, 2011 - Bahama Cruise - Day 2b (late-night)

After dinner, we head to kind of a combo dance-party/karaoke.

We do the Electric Slide.
Jill and mom teach Gaby. I teach Ella.

Then, we dance to karaoke.

Ella has to be in the middle.

Then she has to be on stage.

All over the stage...

Jill and I cut a rug.

Ella joins.

I butcher "My Way."

I do it 'my way,' singing it the way I serenade Ella at night - en espanol.

Ay mi manera...

Yeah, it is terrible.

Still going...

It's a long darn song!

Ella thinks the stage is hers.

We get her off the stage pretty quickly, though...