Feb 11, 2011 - Bahama Cruise - Day 2 (Freeport)

To get from the dock to the other side of town, we take a shuttle bus. Ella was thrilled to not be in a car seat and made the most of the situation by leaning over the seat in front of her.

Gaby goes snorkeling

on a big ole catamaran. She leaves just before us, but we'll see her later.

In the mean time, we go on a boat of our own, which Ella loves.

Taking it all in.

Ella stares at the glass bottom, looking for fish.

She gets more attentive as it gets more interesting.

Looking up at Carey, Jill, and Ella looking down.

Here are some fish - yellow tail snapper. Mmmm...

They actually feed the fish to create a frenzy.

Ella and Jill watch the show.

Stop #2: a shipwreck in habited by gray caribbean reef sharks.

The trip out and back are past pretty beaches,

picturesque houses,

and a quaint lighthouse.

But Ella sleeps through it.

She's wiped out.

Recharged by the nap, Ella chases a pigeon

and generally runs around the place.

"Hola, chihuahua."

We meet back up with Gaby, who enjoyed her snorkel.

That's it. Back to the boat for more food.

Tomorrow: Nassau.