Feb 10, 2011 - Bahama Cruise - Day 1 (departure)

Jill and Ella head down the hallway toward the room.
Ella's not sure what to make of it,

but if she's with mom (and if she's getting her picture taken), she's OK.

On to dinner, Gaby takes pictures - and Ella has to see them.

Mmmm... I know why people talk about cruise food. I'm going to gain 5 ounces!


Chocala! (Mexican for 'gimme five.')

Baby llama face.

Shortie got low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low.
They played some music in the dining room. I guess this is what makes Carnival the "Fun Ships." It was fine, but I think I prefer Princess or NCL.

Gaby and Ella enjoy their first cruise dinners.

But it is Feb 10th... Happy Birthday to Suzanne (pronounced all sorts of funny ways)!

Back in the cabin, Ella reads over the entertainment for tomorrow.

We make a toy of all the paperwork.

Wow, Ella thinks the cruise shower is huge!

She just got her second haircut, not that you can tell.

All done. Let's go to sleep, wake up, and eat more!