Jan 23-24, 2011 - Strollers, Shapes, and Llama Faces at Grandma's

Ella was perfect at the High yesterday. She napped a little on the way, was awake but quiet in the High, and napped a little on the way home. Becky and I enjoyed hearing Ella "sing herself to sleep" in the car seat. After we got home, she played and ate and enjoyed her bath as usual.

Ella likes the shape sorter.

Are there still some left in here?

Ella kept making a funny face. Jill told me later that she is copying 'Llama Red Pajama.'

Ella usually pushes the strollers around, but this week she decided to sit in one and relax in front of the TV.

I guess TV was boring because she stood up, got a toy and sat back down in the stroller again.

Story time with a newly-discovered book with lift tabs.

Then back to the other stroller to see which is more comfortable - this time with crossed arms that look so cute.

Ella woke up at 5:30am, but I put her pacifier back in her mouth, and I could hear her "singing" herself to sleep by the time I got back to my room. She slept until 7:45. After her milk at 8 and breakfast at 9, she's been playing. [Ella and I wre] in my office... where she found some envelopes. She always manages to find something new to entertain herself. She walks around with the envelopes, then brings me one, then gets another and repeats. She is fascinated with the pictures on my refrigerator. Several times she went over and pointed then held out her arms for me to pick her up so she could get a closer look.
By the way, last night she did the kissing thing - loud noise with her hand over her mouth - then she just did the kissing sound over and over. She is definitely talking more. She pointed to the baby on the diaper box and clearly said "baby" plus she said "ball" when she saw one in a book. Other words aren't as clear, but she'll be talking more and more, I'm sure.

After breakfast I brushed her teeth, but then Ella insisted on brushing her teeth by herself.

She does a good job.

Here's that "Llama" face again.

Ella wanted to sit in a big chair for her pancake snack. She really did take normal bites as she ate this, even though this picture doesn't show that.

I was sitting in the kitchen watching Ella roam around. All of a sudden, she sat down on the steps, looked at me and crossed her arms. I realized she was copying how I was sitting - I didn't realize before that I cross my arms a lot. Be careful what you do...Ella is watching.

Back to the shape sorter. Ella usually takes the top off, dumps out the shapes and puts them back in. I showed her how to put the shapes through the correct hole. She did one by herself, and I clapped.

Next time she did it, she clapped for herself afterward.

Ella rested her head on her crossed arms on the end table.

Then she decided she needed to stretch out for a quick 10 second rest

before climbing by herself onto the love seat (for the first time).

Back to the stroller, this time with a doll.

Then story time in her Ella-size chair.

She is such a doll, and such a good girl. (I can't say baby anymore.)