Jan 11-16, 2011 - Snowed In, Shopping, GymDogs

Snowed-in, Gaby and Ella make the most of it (by making fancy buildings

that Ella-zilla could destroy).

Playing in the snow gear...

Uh, it isn't nap time...

OK, with those eyes and that smile, you can do whatever you want.

The weekend - we make it to Athens for a GymDogs meet.
It isn't a big turnout. The weather is iffy and the team (er, coach) sucks - at least by Georgia standards.

Ella and Gaby are happy to be here.

Ella loves to clap.

We're always amazed. She follows action. She'll sit and patiently watch things that move, preferably animals - but since mom and dad don't move like those gymnastics, they must be some sort of simian.

Yeah, good show!

Walking with her two favorite people back to the car...

We finally go shopping to reprovision the house.
(Nothing like a snow storm to make you eat up that random stuff that collects in your pantry.)

She pushed that cart all over the store, but if you weren't careful enough to steer a bit for you, she'd run into displays.
Now, you can't appear as though you're pushing or she'll get upset. You have to guide the cart in a way that she doesn't notice. That's tricky.