Jan 10pm, 2011 - Blizzard

Later the first afternoon, I take the wheel off the barrow. You know what that means...

Well, when Ella is involved, it is a bit calmer.

She doesn't like the cold wind in her face, but otherwise has fun.

Jill and Ella make it a hundred yards or so down the hill.

Ella finds a perch at a nice, safe distance to watch the ensuing madness.

So cute.

Jill goes further up the hill to launch Gaby.

You know what's funny? When you scream at the top of your lungs in Spanish, it pretty much sounds the same as English.

Serious zoom. Gaby goes maybe 500 yards down the hill, probably making about 10 full rotations.

Jill flies by next.

Backwards. No fear. Mailbox be darned.

Late afternoon, we decide to see if Ella likes the packed snow/ice.

She likes it.


Uh, you got a little something... uh... just there on the... lip...

OK, you like that, Ella? You're going to love this...

First, we go gather some snow. A plastic bowl is ideal...

Then we mix it with a little sugar, some of Grecia's Mexican vanilla, and...

We have Ella's (and Gaby's) first snow cream.

Ella LOVES it - and also gets her first sugar buzz.