Jan 6 & 15, 2011 - Bathtime & Playtime at Grandma's

all captions courtesy of Grandma

Ella loves the tub, especially the toys.

She's getting used to the hooded towel and didn't scream this time. I held her up to the mirror to show her how cute she looks, so maybe that helped.

The next day we met Gaby and her sister at the High.

Roy Lichtenstein's house is my favorite thing so we had to have a picture.

Since the sun was too bright for Ella to look at the camera,

I took one more picture from the other direction with the museum in the background.

Ella's hair shows the static electricity from walking across the carpet.

She thought the small calculator was a blackberry.

She would punch the keys then hold up to her ear to talk.

She had to dig in a box for just the right toy.

Ella enjoys books, but her favorite toy this week was a cricket that moves after you wind it up.

She stared at it, nodded her head the same way it does as it moves,

turned it over to try to figure it out,

then handed to me to wind it up again.

I finally got tired and got her interested in something else. When I was looking through the cabinet for a new cup, Ella saw a top with a straw in it. I tried to tell her she needed a cup for it to work, but she fussed until I gave it to her.

She blew on it and loved the whistle sound. I had to show her that it doesn't make noise if your hand is on the other open end.

Ella is into hair and make up. She usually likes to play with my comb and brush

and this week used the powder brush.

I usually take off the high chair tray to wash it after I take her out of it.

This week I took it off first, and she decided she did not want to get out.

She sat there for about 5 minutes just looking around, leaning forward and relaxing before she'd had enough and wanted to get out. I love her new thing of folding her hands across her chest - so cute.

Sat. morning Ella is dressed in her pretty new boots - ready to meet Mama and Daddy for another breakfast. (Notice the window gel cling under her boot. She loves to play with them, and I find them all over the kitchen.)