Dec 31, 2010 - New Year's Eve (day) in Athens

OK, this was from the night before, having a couple of drinks at Jason & Abigails.
Remember the outfit suit until late March...
Pictured: Gaby, Jason, and a very confused Grecia.

NYE morning, Ella finds herself at a Waffle House.
Clearly, dad got her ready this morning.
Fortunately, Gaby is with us to save the day.

Grecia and Gaby, always smiling.

Ella loves Gaby #2...

...almost as much as Gaby #1.
You think those are big blue eyes...

What about these?

I drop the girls off downtown with the goal of finding their way to the Coliseum in an hour and a half.

They walk straight down Sanford Drive to pass the stadium.

Gaby and Ella show off their team spirit.

Almost time for the main event - a basketball game for which the Redcoat pep band could not attend, as they were in Memphis for the bowl game.
Alumni to the rescue...

Ella and Gaby found a seat amongst the dozens and dozens who attended that day.

We get a break at half time. I run out to check out the rennovated Coliseum.

Pictures so large, it is hard to get it in a picture.

It is really quite nice.

Back to the game, Georgia beats Eastern Kentucky rather handily (but not exactly a runaway).

On the way home, Ella passes out.

The two Gabys soon follow, resting up for their big night out in the A-T-L.