Dec 28b-29, 2010 - NYC - days 3-4, Toys R Us, coming home

We finally make it to Toys R Us.

It isn't as fun as F.A.O, but Ella still runs around and plays with books and animals.

Back outside, people play on the mounds of snow.

At another park, the tables are inviting.

Lots of the city is like this - sidewalks carved out of snow banks.

It is warm enough to be out of our coats for a while.


A larger, more relaxed rink than Rockefeller's.

Ella's exhausted after a long day.

The next morning, we take some parting shots in the snow.

Notice that the cabby is excited to almost have his car excavated!

Ella is so good at standing and walking that we had to test her.

We get home to meet Gaby's sister, Grecia, who arrived while we were in NYC.

Ella is a bit confused by which is the real Gaby.

Mexican toys!
Gracias, Grecia!!