Dec 28, 2010 - NYC - day 3, Midtown

We head back into the city and toward Rockefeller Center.

Prometheus guards the rink.

Check it. A huge chunk of ice several feet across falls out of the sky, which is why they had that section of sidewalk closed.

Enough of that - let's get a drink.
We duck into a wine bar. This is Ella's view.

After the wine and cheese, we head to a French restaurant to meet Ben and Paul, who make a lovely couple when there is an absent Eulalia.
(Carmala stayed at the hotel with her granddad.)

Jill presents a tired Ella with her first escargot.

She liked it!

Back to the street.

New Yorkers complained, but the snow was largely out of most of the populated streets - or at least piled on the sides.

A winter tradition - roasted chest nuts.

Times Square gets more colorful every time I go to Manhattan.

We duck into a random spot in Times Square and run into a very nice cop.

Jill writes an interesting thought on a piece of confetti,

which is added to a wall for display, then to be dropped on Times Square at midnight on New Year's.

Speaking of which, here is the ball that will be dropped.

They clear the wall off daily since they get so many donations.

Coincidentally, the Kansas State wildcat happens to be here for a bowl game press conference.
Ella is unsure of him. She gets close when he looks away, but runs when he turns around.

When Jill drops her off by the wildcat, Ella is not happy.

Yeah, we torture our cute little thing...