Dec 27, 2010 - NYC - day 2b, Central Park

Everyone else left hours ago, so we finally head back outside.

Check out the sledder!

This was just surreal.

Sanitation cut paths into the snow so street-crossers can get to the sidewalks.

Central Park's sidewalks were kinda shoveled, but basically covered.

We loved seeing kids with skis and sleds on the subway. This was one of the many places they were heading...

Central Park is magical in the snow.

Someone made a perfectly Ella-sized snowman.

Els sits patiently on a snow hill.

She actually handles the weather quite well, now that snow isn't blowing in her face like yesterday.

I loved watching this retriever run around in the past-chest-deep snow chasing sticks and snowballs.

One of the few times Ella leaves her hood on.

So cute.

Woof. Woof.

Mommy and baby.


As I tried to get the perfect picture, the girls kept walking.

This is where we were going. I have to see this...

Quite different than last time we saw this (in the summer).

No pictures of it, but we struggled through the city down to Chinatown to meet Jodie, Ayla, and Reed at a restaurant Palak recommended. Wow, that was a tough walk for me and Jill. Ella slept though almost all of the trip. (Lucky her.)