Dec 27, 2010 - NYC - day 2a, the natural history museum

It started snowing around 12pm on Sunday, by 8am on Monday (20 hours later), it had long-since stopped, but not before...

...more than two feet fell and drifts buried this taxi that got stuck in front of our hotel (and was just finally able to ge dug ou t two days later).

We took the train into the city.
No salt here. The roads stayed snow-covered (not icy), so they just drive on it.

Inside the American Museum of Natural History, Paul, Caroline (and the dead pachyderms) are nice and toasty.

Hey Sean... Okapi!

Uh, hi oryx... why the long faces?

These were some of our favorites in Kruger Park.

Jill and Ella pose in front of the moose.
(Ella fell asleep on the subway and hasn't woken up, yet.)

After an hour of so, Ella is up and LOVING the animals!

Loving them...

Ella and Jill check out the brown bears

and the deer- and everything else.

Ancient armadillo.

Ella really liked the monkeys.

She was OK with the indian stuff.

"Dum, dum."

(This was for Gaby.)

Hours into our adventure, we finally make it to the 2nd floor.

In front of the rhinos.

Wow. Blue whale.