Dec 26, 2010 - NYC - day 1

After Christmas morning at home, we headed off to the airport just ahead of snow in Atlanta an in New York.
Because of the craziness of the weather, the flight was delayed 4 hours, then only 2 hours, then back to the original 4 hours again.
That wasn't fun, but Jill, Ella, mom and I made the most of it in the SkyClub.
Paul tracked our flight and sent me a document of all of its changes. Here is a synopsis: - 33 equipment changes
- 16 of which were after we took off
- 9 of which were documented after we landed
- 5 arrival gate changes
- 5 departure gate changes
- 14 runway arrival changes
- 4 runway departure time changes

The next morning, we headed out as a group into town, taking John Rocker's favorite #7 train to Times Square.

By the time we got to Macy's, Ella was asleep.

We walked around Macy's, checking out the Christmas Windows.

Then we went inside. (I love the wooden escalator. We broke the rules for the pic, but it was worth it.)

Looking across 34th.

After a long lunch, Ella is awake and wants to walk some, but by now, it has started snowing - hard.

Bundled up in front of the Lord & Taylor windows, which were our favorites.

It got miserable for a while with wet snow in our faces, so we ducked into Grand Central to take a train up to the Park.

Ella likes being un-bundled.

Here was the goal for the day - F.A.O.

Outside was brutal.

It was worth a little scarring for a picture with the soldier.

We make it up to Ella by letting her run all over the store.

She found lots of stuff animals she liked.

No, that's out of daddy's budget - and don't look at me with those eyes!

I could probably swing a little bunny.

Jill, please stop encouraging her!

Let's move on...

This looks like fun...

Ella was too light to set off the music, so I have to stay with her

and step on the notes she steps on.

She likes it.
I think she hears the music, but doesn't really see the lights.

Mom poses. Baby wonders what she's missed.

We head back towards the hotel, up 5th a couple of blocks (along the Park).

It has been snowing about 3 hours at this point and sticking really well to the sidewalks.
The streets are a manageable much at this point, but it is only 4pm or so.
you just know it is going to get worse. It is pretty, though...