Dec 25, 2010 - Christmas morning

Who's more excited about Christmas morning?

Tough to say.

Ella runs to the tree.

The first thing she picks up - a baby doll.
She immediately loves the baby doll

and takes it around the room to show it off.

Back to the tree to see what else is there.

I know what you're thinking - a CAT (mom's least favorite mammal) - and worse - an ORANGE cat (dad's least favorite kind of cat).
Well, if they have a dog next year, this goes to Goodwill. For now, this keyboard is really neat and does a lot of stuff.

Back to the doll to give it some love.

She was a bit overwhelmed so early in the morning and needed a minute of mommy-time before continuing.

Back to the keyboard.

play play play

Singing into the microphone.
I'm not sure if she got mommy's voice, daddy's voice, or Gaby's voice, but suffice to say she's not going to be a pop star until they improve auto-tuners.

"Tengo escalofríos
Ellos están multiplicando
Y estoy perdiendo el control...

Ella discovers her new table & chairs and has to climb in.

Gaby sets Ella up with markers and paper.

What a masterpiece.

Lolly helps Ella up on the other chair.

Ooo... toy chest...
"THAT'S where everything else went!"

Oso blanco!

OK, that was a big Christmas. Time to head to Manhattan for the annual Christmas trip...