Dec 24, 2010 - Christmas Eve

Gaby gets ready for Christmas.

Before dinner, we light the grendelflocken.

What a great spread Jill put on!

OK, on to Christmas.

It's not all for you, Ella, but a lot of it is.

Start with this one...

Mom shows Ella how it is done.

A Dora microphone from Gaby!

...and boots from Gaby.

Gaby genorously gives Jill a pea coat.

(It looks GREAT on Jill, too!)

Gaby gave me a nice, red shirt.
I know I look like kinda goofy here. That's because, even though the shirt is solid cardinal, it has texture.

That's not the best way to open a present...

Oh, did you notice the stocking? Aunt Bridget crocheted it to match the ones our Grandmother made for me and Bridget (and the ones Bridget made for mom, Brendan, Jill, Kelsey, Sean, and Megan - last I checked, Quinn's wasn't finished, yet).

Funny story...

I love this one!

Nice hat!

Ella entertains everyone as she dances around her blocks.

Aunt Bridget and family give Ella a lawn mower (which she loves).

Aww... sweet.

Tea set!

Lolly & Pop customized a 'Night Before Christmas' book. As you turn each page, the book plays a recording that alternates between Lolly and Pop reading the passage. Very cool.

Ella immediately sees a button and pushes it.
It turns the voices off. Uncanny.
(She's past that now. She doesn't hit that button anymore.)

Ella digs in to her stocking.

Amongst other things, Ella finds a recorder.

She loves it and takes it everywhere.

Ella goes to sleep and Santa drops off a few more things.
Tomorrow morning should be fun!