Dec 16-17am, 2010 - Seattle

Gaby and Ella get some sleep on the long flight to Seattle.

We get there early Friday afternoon & Ella and Charlie immediately start playing.
(He was so good with her all weekend.)

Charlie and Grim introduce Ella to Tucker.

Ella's not sure what to do with such an energetic little guy.

He likes her, though.

Trying on Grim's shoes.

The three Griffiths boys.

"To a safe trip to Seattle (and to Ella's and Gaby's first trip to Washington state)."

Charlie partakes of a non-fermented varietal.

The next morning we head to Eatonville, WA to one of our favorite western Washington attractions - the Northwest Trek.

The Trek consists of 723 acres and acres of pathways through a Pacific Northwest rainforest.

They have coyotes

and red foxes

and what's here?

Oh - there's something, dwarfed by the ridiculous trees.

Grey wolf!

Ella y un lobo.
(Lobo conoso?)

we all enjoy the wolves, so we take our time for pictures...

The trees are magnifico!

Oso morron!

Ella reviews Gaby's pictures.

Oso negro!

Jill and Ella pause at a bridge.

It is about the midpoint of our day and we stroll over to the highlight - the tram tour of the huge, 425 acre "roaming area."
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