Dec 8, 2010 - Carriage Ride in Norcross

Ella puts on the new riding coat Lolly gave her.

I think she knows she's cute

...and I think she likes it.

Yeah, you.

Off to downtown Norcross

...and dinner at Dominick's.

After dinner, we head outside to wait in the cold for a few minutes.

The carriage pulls up

and everyone gets on.

My three girls.

All bundled up.

Clip-clop. Clip-clop.

After the ride, Jill takes Ella up to meet the horse.


Lolly helps Ella be brave and pet the horse.

we have to get a picture of Gaby, too!

This does not sound like an appetizing shop.
Visit its sister stores...
Canadian Beach Wear
Thailand's Big & Tall
Beers of India
Timepieces of Brazil

(okay, back to the page...)

Hey - near surprise, we meet Santa at a coffee shop.
First, he has to hug the ladies.

Then, Ella gets a turn.

That doesn't last long.

Sitting on the steps with Gaby.

Hey, mommy, I wanna see!