Dec 4pm, 2010 - White Elephant/Dinner Party

Holly, Damien's FIANCE! (happened the previous night), holds Ella.

OK, before my mom takes Ella for the night, we all take a minute for a picture.
(Dames, Holly, Evan, Abigail, Jason, Rich, Katherine, Kevin, Brooke, Jill, me, Ella, Kyle, Emma, Gaby.)

Ooo... Jill put on a good spread.

Pre-salad, we're still wining...

...and chatting.

Fast-forward past dinner and we get to White Elephant!
Jason passes out the numbers and starts to explain the rules.

I slide in to do the sign language, for those who may need it.

On to the game. Emma is first and gets a Georgia garden gnome.

Everyone watches patiently (and drinks - how many glasses are on the table - more than people, right?).

Kevin gets an office-sized remote control helicopter.

Brooke gets solar powered light-up garden gnomes.

Rich gets Belgian beer.

Someone steals Kevin's gift, so he goes to the pile and gets an ICEE maker.

Katherine gets a Gentleman Jack gift set (for now).

Merriment continues...

Damien takes the Jack, now in Rich's hands.

Evan gtes Ninja Bread Men!

Kyle is happy with her vibrating "bath duck."

Gaby is surprised as she reads the instructions in Spanish.

Brooke keeps it.

Katherine gets baking mix and a Naughty Cakes book.

Jill helps Gaby strategize.

Damien is frazzled by the stress of all the stealing.

Gaby gets a Starbucks coffee and hot chocolate set.

Dames gets Truth or Dare and some male enhancement pills.

Holly just doesn't know where to go from here.

Now Evan has the duck (odd) and Kyle has tickets to see the Dali exhibit at the High Museum.

Dames goes back to the tree one last time

A sex game gift pack. Now if only he had a duck to go with that...

No matter. Holly shows off the diagram...