Dec 4am, 2010 - Ella's 1st Haircut

"I like my hair. I'm not sure I want to do this."

"This tarp will not do."

"They think this clip will destract me?"

"Now, a tasty comb... I can focus on that for a minute."

"I'm bored. What's over there?"

"Crap. A bumbo. Maybe if I look cute, they'll let me go."

"Whoa. Glamour. They really want me to feel like I'm at a salon."

"OK, I'll kick back and enjoy it."


"Just a bit off the front, please. No bangs. Dad hates them."

"Leave the curl in for mommy, please."

"Thank you."

"You're cutting that side, too?"

"Whew. We're done. I can handle picture time. Where's the camera?"

"There it is. See, Gaby?"


"Yay. Haircut!"