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Dec 3, 2010 - Tuba Christmas

Ella's all bundled up, so there must be something going on.

She sure is cute.

OK, here come the tuba-ists, with their instruments of varying shapes, sizes, and keys.

I have my euphonium, a sort of tenor tuba if you will.

Ella is interested in all the commotion.

We take our places and Ella toddles over to play.

She puts her mouth on the mouthpiece and hums.

OK, the girls wait patiently as we finish readying the set.

Ella likes crawling out of and back into her stroller these days. That seems odd to me.

OK, we're all in position.

Gaby and Ella move up to the stairs, overlooking the players.

And the concet begins...
We play about 15 songs.

Ella and her Grandma enjoy the concert.

Afterwards, we head into Underground for lunch at Johnny Rockets...
mmmm.... chocolate malt...