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Nov 26, 2010 - Music for Carmala and Ella

Carmala has on her pretty, pink Pooh outfit on.

Ella wears a hand-me-down from Amy.

It looks like lederhosen. So cute.

Ben throws Carmala.

I play euphonium for the girls.

Eulalia breaks out the viola.

Ella likes it.

We coordinate, as Eulalia transposes keys and clefs.

Ella tries to follow along.

So, here we go with a little impromptu Christmas carol concert.

Carmala doesn't like my playing (seriously, she's looking right at me),

so I switch.

Ella likes to play with the lower keys.

Jill tries her hand (or bow) with Eulalia's viola.

Ella comes over to listen.

She likes the sound of strings.

Done with the concert, the girls play with Gaby.