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Nov 25b, 2010 - Thanksgiving night

Donna and Jimmy hosted the annual Cofer-family Thanksgiving - and what a spread!

Adam gets started as Tommy turns the corner.

There are too many dishes for one plate. You really have to prioritize, take notes, then make a return trip...

Lolly and Ella, who ponders 'seconds.'

While we made plans specifically to avoid the annual gift-giving bonanza this year, parts of it found us anyway.
It was OK, as it was just two things - this precious green dress from Nan

and this really cool animal puzzle from Jere, which Ella loves (especially the osterich and the crocodile).

Gaby trades a lighter Ella for a heftier (though slightly younger) Hayden.
Both seem to be enjoying their time together.

Molly and Hannah hang out.

Ava plays with Molly outside in the dark.


Kelley shows off Gavin, sitting back and relaxing.

As it turns out, it was an effective sleeper hold. Who knew?

Tommy talks to a shy Ella.

Ella loves dogs - and finally meets Buster.

"Daddy, I won't pet him until his eyes are pointed the same way..."

Wow. What a great day!