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Nov 25a, 2010 - Thanksgiving day

Oh, we have a surprise this Thanksgiving at mom's house.
Several, harmless-looking ingredients sit idle for the time being.

However, as we start to put them together, something unexpected takes shape.

There it is... The Turkey Cake.

All it needs it a little mashed potato icing...

Then a sweet potato and marshmallow topping, then back in the oven for a few minutes.

Megan can't wait!

Quinn and Ella play with their magic wands.

Ella and Ben bond over the holiday weekend.

Sean mugs for the camera.

General madness.

Lolly enjoys some Ella cuddles and giggles,

as does Pop.

"The reading rocker."

OK, with the withdrawal of the finished Turkey Cake (take 2 - the first topping attempt caught on fire),

mom's Thanksgiving spread is complete.

Gaby is excited for her first Thanksgiving.
Bill's just enjoying the hug!

Lolly eyes the camera. Ella eyes the butterbeans.

...and the turkey cake is sliced.
Six layers of love.

The girls' table.

Mom with her grandchildren.

The whole Mulcay-McMahon clan...
Wait... something's missing.

There she is!
It isn't our family without Gaby.

Brendan, Bridget, Sean, Megan, Quinn, and Kelsey.

Back in the den for some relaxation...

Ella has had her wardrobe change, so that must mean we have to head out soon to Thanksgiving, part 2...