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Nov 16-23, 2010 - Around the House

Ella wakes up from a Tuesday afternoon nap, all dressed up, but very groggy.

A couple of days later, Ella enjoys running through the house.

She likes the camera and mugs on occassion.

"Yay, picture."

So smiley. What a happy girl.

By the way, the corn plant is still blooming. It has been over a week since it started blooming.

Lazy Thursday nap.

Ella's happy and ready to take on the world,

but she's not quite awake.

Saturday. We got a delivery of who-knows-what, but Ella found a new toy!

Well, sit down...

OK, you know what that means...

Here we go.

General play time.

So smiley...

Fast-forward a few days and Ella is still happy and playing.

Ella takes a quick break.

Lounging on the couch, being happy.

Wow. Being happier!
It is Tuesday night. Ben, Eulalia, and Carmala will be here tomorrow.