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Nov 14, 2010 - Atlanta Botanical Gardens

It is a beautiful autumn day in Atlanta,

so we pack Ella up and head to the Botanical Gardens.

They have a train display.

Ella is captivated.

There are so many new flowers out, but we head past them

and past the first of three frog statues

to the new canopy walk.
Hey, Ella can walk on it now! Well, she can walk too well that she keeps running away.

Eventually, after a while of playing that game, we have to carry her.

Neat view of the canopy walk supports.

Ah, the second frog.

Ella loves the frog.
(This is how Ella says 'I love you.' She leans in and puts her head against yours - usually forehead, but this counts, too.)

We head over to the rose garden.

Jill and Ella pose for a picture.

The green there is nice, so we play for a while.

Mommy runs away and Ella chases her.

Ella and I play with leaves.

She has to find them in her overall pockets.

We love her squat.

"Ooo... Camera!"

This is Atlanta in the fall. Beautiful.
Yeah, I'm talking to you, next 'au pair' of ours...

OK, I'll show some pictures of flowers now, since that's what the Gardens are known for.