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Nov 7-8, 2010 - Grandma's

captions courtesy of Grandma

As I was sorting coupons to get rid of the expired ones, Ella kept trying to grab them, so I gave her a few to play with.

Need to get her started early.

She always finds some "new" toys, and this week she discovered the celery

Yum yum.

She got into the plasticware under the island and made a drum out of a cool whip container and a rattle.

The new animals that make noise when you push a button on their stomach were fascinating. Ella had a lot of fun with all of them, but I think the zebra and lion were her favorites. She would push one and wait for the 3 roars before pushing the other. At one time last night she had the lion in one hand and the zebra in the other, holding them so she could alternate pushing the buttons on their stomachs. She would look at one and push and then when it got quiet, she would look at the other and push. Like I said, she is one smart cookie.

I gave her a mini-pancake while I was preparing her breakfast. She walked around and took a bite every once in a while and loved it.

Wasn't so crazy about the pineapple, though. After spitting out the first 2 pieces, I stabbed a piece on a fork and let her feed herself. She ate most of it before the game got old.

Her other "new" toy of the week was an empty plastic container that I put 2 small blocks in.

She walked around shaking it and chewing on it.

Notice she is wearing the gold beads in some of the pictures. Usually she wears the green or blue beads, but I guess she realized the gold matched her outfit better this week.

She decided to climb into the little chair.

I kept trying to show her how to just turn around and sit on it, but she insisted on climbing.

I don't know how she managed to get settled without tipping it over.

The blue fish is her favorite tub toy, only she plays with it out of the tub, too.