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Nov 2, 2010 - Misc. November

Ella plays with mommy one night.

They have a lot of fun with whatever they play with.

"Does mommy want it?"

One night, Ella hit her head on the corner of a bannister.
The next day, she had a nice little goose egg.

She's a trooper, though.

The next day, we decided to dress her to match her forehead.

"Let's go outside!"

"Ooo. You have a better idea? I'm intrigued."

"That works."
(Ella's a big girl now and holds her own milk.)

It's that time of year (well, we have no idea what time to expect this - it happens so randomly). One of our corn plants bloomed.

Every evening, it fills the house with a strong, honeysuckle-like scent.

Ella plays hide and seek around the kitchen island with Jill.

Ella's so happy when she finds mommy.
(She still flaps when she gets really happy.)

Ella loves her mommy.

But she hates barettes and bows.

To the playground!

Ella's a climber. She climbs up the wall,

then she climbs into her stroller.


Ella likes slides.

Ella reflects on her good day.