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Oct 31pm, 2010 - Halloween

Jill and I were totally stumped on what Ella should be for Halloween.
Amy, with her pragmatic creativity, saved the day with her awesome Kewpie Doll idea (and outfit, which she made).

What a pair.

It doesn't take long before we have almost the whole family together.

Right with you, honey!

Yay. You're funny.

Ella and her big cousin, Molly ('Shirley Temple'), hang out with the pumpkins.

Seeing as you're all sitting there anyway, stop talking for a sec and say cheese!

Ashley has one of the twins. (Hayden?)

Lolly and dolly.

"I don't trust him, mom. He looks like he's all thumbs."

"Any man who will sit with a chair leg in his crotch must be safe, so I'll take candy from him."

Now those girls have their daddy wrapped around their little fingers...
That's how you make serious progress in trick-or-treating in a big neighborhood.

It must the back side of the roof where they painted "See Rock City."

Look at all the urchins roaming for candy...

"Get out of my stroller, you little monkey."

It's a mad, mad, [hatter] night.

Rainbow Brite and Rainbow Brite-let (and dad, the reject magician).

By this point in the evening, it became apparent to the rest of us that Ella was more interested in people's animals than she was in their treats.

Day-Glo Alligator and very-cute Pocohantas.

Bill's got his mitts on Ella, so it'll be a while before she'll have anyone else.

It's hard to tell who's more in love.

Blanca Nieves.

The people here are amazing. So many brought all their deck furniture and a firepit out to their driveways for the night.

And there are so many people.
Ashley and Molly lead about a dozen people off the porch.

Hayden and Gavin call it a night.

Another great setup.

Bill marches on.

OK, Ella is starting to turn into a pumkin, herself.

Molly isn't ready to quit. She wants to beat Conner in candy collecting.

Ella has her Gaby, so she's good for a while longer.

Molly finally catches up to Conner - Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Speaking of dog...

Must be a Beatles fan.

Nice Snuggie, nerd.
So, they were playing some 60's funk. Ella had to dance.
Her momma's daughter...

It's the end of the evening and Nan lets her hair down.

Amy enjoys a few more minutes with Ella, who enjoys a few more minutes with Molly.
(Ella loves you, too, Amy. She really does.)