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Oct 31, 2010 - Hiking and Swinging

The morning starts off at Sawnee Mountain State Park, where we hike to the top of the mountain.

(the whole family makes the hike.)

What a view!

Okay, NOW we're at the top... the overlook.

Well, if it is called an overlook, you must be over something, right Ella?

We enjoy a nice break up top, then start the long walk back down.

Ella doesn't make it very far.

The leaves are pretty at home, too.
(This is our back yard.)

Ella's a giant!

Ella likes playing with the leaves.


Where ya goin' little girl?

Oh, to be able to squat like this again...

No, thanks, you keep it.

Want a flower?

Time to swing!

Let's go high!


Now, let's spin.

OK, enough of this. We gotta go inside and get ready to go to the McGuire's place for Halloween.
This is going to be fun!