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Oct 29, 2010 - Halloween at Radiant

Gaby won her costume contest, so I had something to live up to.
Conveniently, I also had Gaby to do my make-up.

The goal: Jack Skellington from the Nightmare before Christmas.

Here's me (sans gloves).

Ella watched me get into make-up, then put on the coat and bat-collar, but she was NOT amused.

Much like when she saw Gaby in Mad Hatter attire,

Ella was beside herself.

So, off to work.

We had a costume contest. They broke us into groups - Scary, Funny, Original, and Best Ensemble.

Here are some of the best ones by category.



Patrick Watson as 'the roadkill zombie' from "Plants vs. Zombies".
(I'd never heard of it, either. Sounds like a terrible movie. We are a technology company.)

Dennis, our security guard, as a dead boxer

I forgot who as a Mad Scientist.

I don't know as 'dead hockey player'


I don't know as "Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire"

Jack Dugan (real name) as a child molester, I guess. Officially, his costume was titled "Nice Legs."

Someone from marketing as Richard Simmons.

Someone from accounting(?) as a Sitting Duck.

Matt Hortin as Fred Flintstone

James Metzger as "Hilde, wife of Haggar the Horrible"

Denise Mendelsen as "60-year-old Snookie (who still likes pickles)"

Kevin Sapough as Luigi


Gustavo Trelles as a roman soldier

Gulf shore tar ball clean-up dude.

Lady Gaga

Erin Bennett as a bumblebee

Art Curtis revives the 80's Rocker outfit.

"The Perimeter"

Elliot (from E.T.)

Sara Ellis as an astronaut


Travelocity Gnome

Rich DeLuca as a pirate.

Beth Atchison as a "Dev Cut"
(Notice she has logs. Did I mention we're a technology company?)

Jeff Parker as Marty McFly (from "Back to the Future")

Lutz Johnson as a Pittsburgh Steelers Garden Gnome


The executive team as the rescued Chilean miners.

The Stadiums & Arenas group as "Stadium Stuff" or "things from a ballpark"

The Data Security team as... well... "Data Security."

The winners:
Scary: me (yay! Thanks, Gaby!)
Funny: James Metzger as Hilde
Original: the Perimeter
Best Ensemble: "Stadium Stuff"

Best Overall (most votes): Richard Simmons