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Oct 24, 2010 - Pumpkin Patch

In an effort to avoid the traffic of Burt's this year, Jill and I took Ella to Cagel's farm outside Canton.

She loves being outdoors so much. I'm not sure where she gets it to this degree.

She's boo-tiful, even when she sings.

Do the robot. Good girl!

Cute photo-op.

We have to take pictures on things.


So, we were disappointed in Cagel's, as is evident by my distracted picture of an eagle.
On the way home, we stopped by Publix to get some milk, saw their pumpkin display, and couldn't resist.

Yeah, this is much better.

This is what we were looking for at Cagel's, but let's zoom in...


We tried putting her in the box 'o smaller punkins, but that didn't make for a happy Ella.
Dad's always got to take it just a little to far... At least I'm consistent (predictability is key) - and at least we got the other pictures.