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Oct 22, 2010 - the Zoo!

Gaby's ready for a big day out. Ella's not.
Wow... the hair!

The days starts at one of our new favorite breakfast spots.

We get to the zoo and are immediately greeted by a huge African elephant.
Ella stares at him.

Next up is a parokeet aviary where you can feed the birds.

Hey mom, what are those birds doing?

uh... hugging.

It's awesome to watch her watch the animals.
She tracks them, moves around for a better view - awesome.





We like the rhino. We hang out here and watch him for a while.

OOOooo... Giraffes must be next.


Nothing like a little giraffe ATM to start the day off right.


A whole family of gorillas.

Lolly and Ella watch closely.

Shhh... They're sleeping.

Inside a larger aviary, Lolly and Ella search the ground for ducks and pheasants.

There it is - the elusive golden pheasant.

Taking a break from the stroller.

"Don't take me away. I was still lookin'!"

Jill went into the reptile house, but no Carey.

Alligator snapping turtle.

Playful plastic panda.

cute little guy.

Petting zoo!

Ella was a little hesitatnt on the pig, perhaps because he was a loud oinker.

"I don't trust this one, mommy. He's smiling too big."

Lolly gets into the action.

Ella gets into the thick of it.
(Not pictured: Ella gets down near a goat under this feeding station. He sticks his tongue out. She sticks her hand out. He sticks his tongue out further. She sticks her hand out further and sticks her tongue out. He licks her hand. She giggles and licks her hand. Same hand. Ew!)

On the way out, we pass a Kanga with a baby Roo.

We were actually there for hours - much longer than we thought. Great day!