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Oct 16c, 2010 - Gaby's getup

While we were at Homecoming, Gaby had an au pair Halloween party.

Gaby spent three hours getting into costume as the Mad Hatter.

If you didn't guess, Gaby won the costume contest.

Ella is not amused.
She is so scared, her entire body is shaking - almost convulsing.

She seems to know it is Gaby, but doesn't know what's wrong.

Ella tries to figure it out, screaming all the while.

Gaby talks to Ella enough to finally get her comfortable.

After a while, Ella accepts Gaby's new look.

She's fascinated.

Happy girls.

Ella's happy, but Gaby's getting tired of the costume.

Off comes the top hat,

and Ella freaks out again.