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Oct 16b, 2010 - Homecoming

A couple of last warm-up toots before we hit the field.

Here we go.

Glory, Glory,

to Ole Georgia!


The Battle Hymn soloist.

We all join in.

The passing of the collar from Russ to Uga VIII.

We take the opportunity to snap a few photos. This is the ole 'stick your arm out and take a picture' shot.

Mack breaks rank and gets a better one.

Bill takes pictures of us taking pictures.

Hey, Mack!

Russ leaves the field,

as goes Uga.

We turn around and march north,

then to the east to form the tunnel.

Here come the Dawgs.

Our job is done. We lollygag and stroll off the field.

Uga's house gets a new name tag.
As Jill points out, Russ is literally in his brother's shadow.

The students and band are ready.

The A.J. Green cheering section is finally all painted.

The alumni cheerleaders are ready...

The MAKE Homecoming. Its game time!