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Oct 16a, 2010 - Homecoming

Homecoming morning always starts out early. I'm at the Woodruff practice fields about 6:15am.

A little later in the morning and on the other side of town, Ella arrives at Cracker Barrel.

She must be a little cranky this morning.

They had a nice breakfast with Grandmother and Sara.

Back on campus, I'm in Sanford, watching what I hope is the swim team dressing up for the game.
(Remember the green.)

Russ makes his last schedule appearance as the Georgia mascot. He's represented us well.

"Hey, lift your head up to the sky."

Ah - we have an eye in the sky.
It's an important day, so we have two cameras at field-level and another in the upper deck to chronicle Homecoming 2010.

On the other side of the stadium, Jill and Ella play in the shade.

Our cute little girl walks around the stands.

Jill and Ella join me down on the track.

We're getting ready to go on the field.

Ella plays with mom

and gets rid of some energy because she's going to be riding for a while...

OK, we've tried this a few times, but not for such a long period of time. I hope Ella and I are up for it.

She's really popular.
Everyone is amused that she's on the field with me.

"Mom, Bill, and Carey are right up there..."

There they are - waving above the Y in Mary's.

I'm so excited about bringing Ella on the field.

Thanks, Mack, for loaning me the trumpet!

Toot. Toot.

Ella's ready.

The Commodore is getting of the field, so it is almost showtime...