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Oct 10pm, 2010 - Pride

Jill plays tennis on a hot, sunny Sunday, so I ditch "the beard" and take Ella for her first MARTA trip.

We head to Midwown.

Here's where we're camping out.

It's the Pride Parade.
(That chick is 6' 4".)

Here's our vantage point.

Awesome Mini.

It's Rainbow Brite!

I really think these guys just started walking down the street as if they were part of the parade.

These guys, on the other hand, were definately part of the parade.

Here come some floats.

These are not the alternative Clydesdales. They're the Wells Fargo rather-boring horses.

Some people take 'painted-on' clothing too literally.
(Then again, I guess they can pull it off.)

Jill's favorite radio station.


The Latino entry.

Carman Miranda and DEAR LORD, what is that?

Ooo. Sometimes I bet you wish I didn't take so many close-ups.

Rifles. Unexpected.

Jill is convinced there is a euphemism here. If so, I don't get it. Anyone?

I like these. If they were wearing more, they'd be my favorite.

Turner Classic Movies sends Marylin to the parade.

The last four harajuku 'girls' [well, three were girls] were on my MARTA train.

That's it. Parade's over. Everyone heads to Piedmont Park as Ella and I head home.
Fun day!