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Oct 10-11, 2010 - Staying at Grandma's

captions courtesy of Grandma

Ella discovered two new favorite toys - the push toy and Ernie.

She liked to play with the push toy as it is intended, but after a while,

she turned it over to climb on it. When I turned it right side up, she turned it over again. She has her own opinion about the best way to play with it. She still likes her metal Diet Coke bottle, my rocking chair and the shopping cart - her old favorites.

We went outside for a while so I could rake up the pine straw. She sat and watched. I figure next year she can help.

I took pics of her with my baby picture.

I think she has my chubby cheeks and curls, but she looks more like her daddy.

I have a box in my bedroom with her stuff - pjs, lotion, diapers, wash cloths and tub toys. She headed for the tub and the toys from last night's bath - the small blue fish is her favorite - then discovered the wash cloth in the box and went back to the tub to wipe it down. I moved the box into my office and she is still playing with everything - pulling out and putting back in.

My "stuff" is new to her and very entertaining. She especially likes to roam around my office pulling papers out of folders and boxes. She discovered the doors on the printer table.
She is such a joy! Thanks for letting me keep her.